Best way to study for a test

The best way to study for a test is to begin early and vary where you study. Research shows that people retain different information when they are in different environments. The brain makes subtle associations between the material it is studying and the surrounding sights and sounds. For example, someone may make certain associations while sitting at the kitchen table that help them retain certain information, but other associations while sitting in the library. Varying the studying location is very helpful. Likewise, spaced out preparation allows the brain to retain much more than spending the same number of hours cramming right before the test. By allowing your brain time to forget something and relearn it, the information is reinforced. Repetition combined with quizzes force the brain to recall information making the information much more accessible in the future.

The process is simple. The results are monumental.

Private Tutoring Services

Elementary, Middle and High School

Professional Private Tutoring Services – $55 per Hour

Achieve results with our engaging, individualized tutoring services.  Our students show average academic gains of 26%. Our hands-on, engaging approach results in our students enjoying the process of learning.

We find that private tutoring can have a lasting impact on our student’s academic achievement.  Our strategy-based methods of teaching provide our students with tools they can use to solve problems the rest of their lives. We contribute to their mental toolbox each time we work with them.  Our tutors teach strategies to improve reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing skills, math and test taking.

For students that “know the material but do not test well”, our tutoring sessions include test taking strategies and practice to build confidence.

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